Behavior consultations

Meet with you and your dog, in your home, to evaluate behavior.  Design a positive reward-based training plan to resolve behavior issue.   Behavior Modification Plan includes Positive Reinforcement Training, Counter Conditioning, Desensitization and Management Tools.

$95. per hour


One on One Training Sessions

In home, custom training sessions for owners and their dogs.  You will learn Positive Reinforcement Training techniques using hand signals, verbal cues and body language to teach your dog Basic or Advanced skills.  Sessions are customized to the needs of you and your dog.

Your dog can learn any or all of the following:  Name Game, Sit, Down, Drop It, Come Here, Loose Leash Walking, Wait, Find It, Touch, Go To Bed, Leave It, Sit for Greeting.  Advanced skills include: Heel, Side, Stay with distance, Recall with distance, Wait in Motion, Easy, Hurry, Off Leash Training.

$ 75. per hour


Walk & Train Program

Walk & Train is for you if you:

• Don’t have the time to take your dog to a training class.

• Are not experienced in training dogs.   Also, your dog will learn a lot faster when trained by a professional.

• Don’t have the time to exercise your dog.

• Don’t want to leave you dog at doggie day care.

Walk & Train Program includes:

Training includes teaching basic manners, Look, Sit,  Wait, OK, Come Here, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Touch, Down, Stay, Go To Bed. You can request advanced behaviors if your dog knows the basics.  Training may include clicker training, gentle leader or easy walk harness.

$ 35. per ½ hour session for puppies under 5 months old

$55. per 1 hour session

One Hour Session can include one of the following:

An outing to Crestwood Park - For dogs that love to run or track scents in the woods.  Using a 30 foot long line, we work on recall. Dogs learn to come when called, sit and focus on their handler, before being release to run again.

Going in to town or shopping center - For dogs that are bored with their backyards & regular neighborhood walks. They get to see new people, places and things.  This is a great socialization exercise for all dogs.  We work on their basic commands while they are in an environment with lots of distractions.

Play date with another dog - Most dogs would love to have a playmate.  We match your dog with an appropriate playmate.  They get to run free in a fenced in yard and tire each other out.  After they have tired each other out, we take a pack walk together.  A great social skill for your dog to have9 for

Servicing Northern Bergen County – Allendale, Franklin Lakes, Ho-Ho-Kus, Mahwah, Midland Park, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Saddle River, USR, Waldwick, Wyckoff